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dragon worlds News no 1 | may, 15 th 2020 | Germany, Kühlungsborn |


As soon as we can, we are going to start our “World Championship Warm Up Acts 2020” – a series of training runs in which anyone who wants to can participate. Covid 19 has turned the world upside down, sailing – apart from the fact that it was not even allowed in Germany – took a back seat for many people. In the times of liberalizations and comeback the desire is growing. In Germany very different conditions apply, depending on which federal state you live in. But one thing is the same: while on the one hand hardly any regatta is allowed or possible, on the other hand the desire and the craving for the test of strength on the water is growing. Exactly against this background we will start with the WM warm up Acts 2020 in Kühlungsborn as soon as possible. From 5 boats on the training regatta will be rated …

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